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cleveland,ohio white greman sheperd,FOUND

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Hello all,not sure if i am allowed to post this info without consent from poster. cleveland ,ohio on craig's list has a white german shepherd that was found over a month ago.the post lists more details.good luck to anyone missing their furbabies,never give up.
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link? any more info?
To STAXI- this lost ad was online plain dealer so if you can find the original Found German Shepherd Ad please contact this person. (I tried look for the ad you found but can't find it)

Lost German shepherd white female ,she is 3 years old ,has a chain collar .she is been missing since 04/16/2010. she run away from Lakewood ohio. Please call 216/374/4321. she responds to lady .she is my 8 yea rold daughters dog. She miss her so much . please call if any information ..reward ..
Lost and Found - Lost and Found
Web Id: CLE4492052

Published on 4/19. Updated 4/19.
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