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CJ's first trauma

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I took CJ and Stella to visit with one of our friends and his GS/? mix attacked CJ causing a tear on his bottom lip and under his bottom lip. I had never seen so much blood. It was all over my hands, my pant leg and my shoes. I instantly called the vet and put pressure on the sites which stopped the bleeding. Since yesterday I have treated the sites with antibotic cream. CJ's entire attitude changed and he has been much more attached to me and my husband since. Should we be concerned about long term issues with other dogs? We started having him around familiar neighborhood dogs today with no noticable problems.
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Yes! It is good you started him around neighborhood dogs already. Keep bringing him around dogs you know so his confidence can return. Watch CJ's body launguage while with other dogs. If he seems scared don't coddle him this will only reenforce his fear, correct him (however he is used to being corrected). Use rewards while around other dogs, whatever you use for rewards(verbal praise or treats). Dogs can become dog agressive after an attack and they will attack out of fear. It sounds like you are on the right track.


Yes, I think it is good you are getting him around other dogs. Remember that the longer you hold onto what happened the longer CJ will as well.

Glad everything turned out ok!! I've been there an know how scary it is!
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Poor CJ!! Hopefully, the other dogs he is now playing with will help him get over it. There is an Obedience I class starting on July 15th at the YABTC. That might be a good thing for CJ to do so he will be around other dogs in a controlled environment. I think we are going to do it!
I am also going to try to attend. Knee is better and work schedule will allow it now.
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