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I know it's like two months late, but i just remembered my wife had sent me these photos lol.

Our little girl (aka Tiny Human/TH) and Karma have been BFFs since the day (Fathers Day Weekend) we brought her home. We started fostering TH in 2018, and once the paperwork went through we adopted her in March 2019. She has fetal alcohol syndrome, and is just a tiny peanut (will be 3 in July). As some of you know, we own two english bullies whom are also awesome with TH, but are not much for 'protecting' or really anything other than snuggling. I am gone a lot for work, and wanted a dog at home that would actually bark if someone came near the house. Hence Karma.. Anyways...

Even though Karma gets the zoomies and will knock over TH if we aren't holding her (all accidental obviously), these two are the bestest of friends. We try and teach TH to pet gently and not to do the typical 'naughty' things to her "Marma". If Karma has had enough she will actually lick TH's face, and then walk away.

Anyways.. now the two Christmas Photos.. background.. they were both watching tv (Mickey)..


TH wanted a drink and started falling backwards.. insert BFF...


please ignore the mess.. it was Christmas and with a baby.. you always gotta have wipes around lol
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