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Chopper critique

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Stacked pict of Chopper 21 mos.

He is really that angulated, not just stretched by the stack.
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and a motion shot
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I like the bone, color could be better, but pigment is nice enough. I will concede that his color may look washed out due to the sunlight.

Nice short hocks, seems a bit long in back. I would like to see considerably less rear angulation. I like the front, and I don't think he's overangulated in the pasterns, just down on them. I'd try and get him up. Would like to see better feet.

I like his head in profile, but how is it from the front? Seems a bit slab sided. Nice ears, but I prefer them slightly shorter. I like the length of his neck...not too long and overdone like many I see.

Long croup, slightly steep. Flat wither.

Not my style of dog, but a nice pup
better shot with more color, first shot is my camera phone

at 22mos he is deep chested but still hasn't filled out in the front

I am hoping he'll grow into those ears a bit more. Maybe back seems long because croup is so short? Does have more angulation than I usually want.
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