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Chicago Considers Mandatory Spay/Neuter and ......

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Criminal Background Checks for Dog Breeders.
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The reason behind this was to ‘regulate’ the breeding and owning of pit bulls.

A comment from one of the Alderman behind this was that it gives the police the power to stop gang bangers walking their pit bulls, lift the dogs tail and tell if the dog is spayed or neutered.

Ok – first off, I didn’t know ALL gang bangers went around wearing signs that say “I’m a gang banger”. Does that mean anyone with a pit bull is a gang banger according to the Alderman??

Also – just exactly how does one tell if a dog has been SPAYED by looking under the tail???

That shows you the stupidity of these ordinances AND the people behind them.
I think there is a huge dog overpopulation problem.

I do live right outside of Chicago and watched an aldermen talking about how this law will help stop "gang bangers" from breeding dogs. All I could think about was, since when does a gang banger care about the law? If anything, this law will probably just end up in worse treatment of the dogs because the bad people (aka gang members) will just leave their in tact dogs locked up inside, with no walks, so the cops don't catch them on the street.

Also, I noticed that dogs owned by a dog guard service are excluded - what is a dog guard service?
Re: Chicago Considers Mandatory Spay/Neuter and ..

Originally Posted By: CindyM

Also, I noticed that dogs owned by a dog guard service are excluded - what is a dog guard service?
There are companies that lease dogs trained for personal protection, estate guarding, patrol, etc.
Re: Chicago Considers Mandatory Spay/Neuter and ..

From another list.......

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Sorry the spaces came out in the website... please go to http://www.paws4laws. com and click on Chicago to help with the letter writing.

PLEASE write this weekend we need a bunch of people writing.

ALSO Listen and call in on WGN RADIO Sunday night from 8 pm to 10 pm...Steve Dale Pet Central...312- 591-7200 we need people to call in and say that the chicago ordinance is unacceptable.

Gang bangers are not going to spay and neuter their dogs, accidents do happen *such as the one illuded to in april when the lady was attacked by 5 dogs that got out of an owners yard. The owner took full responsibility for the accident and that is what should have been that. But because an irresponsible owner made a mistake one breed of dog is at fault. What terrible logic.

By the way the ordinance also states that an 'animal care facility' is a breeder. Also anyone who wants to breed a litter has to apply for a breeders license , submit to a criminal background check and pay fees for intact animals for the breeding purpose. This has to be done each year.

thanks for writing maybe we can stop this
Karen Perry
[email protected]
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