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Two questions:

(1) If a puppy starts to chew on an inappropriate object -- furniture, shoe, etc. -- what is a good way to teach him/her not to do that? I read that you should immediately replace the object with one of the pup's appropriate chew toys. Is this what you would suggest?

(2) Have you found the Bitter Apple spray to be effective in deterring pups away from chewing on things like furniture legs, electrical cords, etc.?
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1. yes, this is what we did, works good, takes some time like all things do, but it works!

2. no, but i think there are some dogs that don't like it, ours just didnt mind it!
Ive found the Bitters sprays to help alot as well i used bitter yuck instead because the apple bitters stained a few things of mine, some dogs do keep chewing on things with bitters on it though all depends on the dog, Chewing is something that clams them down, so yes redirecting them with a toy is best, unless they are chewing on YOU, then i suggest yelling "OUTCH" and walking away maybe to the bathroom and coming back to them after a few seconds, Do you have a puppy?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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