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I really thought that Sugar would stop chewing stuff once she was done teething, but it worse now than ever. An added complication is that she's tall enough now to start taking things off shelves that were previously out of reach. It's getting expensive and dangerous. No place is safe now. She has more chew toys (fabric squeakies, rawhide bones, pig ears, etc.) than you can shake a stick at, but she still insists on going for forbidden objects when left on her own. Clearly this can't continue.

She spends most the day outside chasing squirrels and birds so I don't think it's a lack of exercise problem and I do take her for walks. The problem seems to be that she doesn't fully grasp that no means no. If you try to take the object away from her, she just runs off out of reach with the object in her mouth. I don't chase her since that would likely encourage the behavior, but I'm seriously considering a more physical punishment since verbal scolding is not getting the point across. I'm not fond of the idea, but some of the things she's chewing are dangerous to her and she needs to stop now. (I caught her trying to eat a tube of pipe thread compound she removed from a toolbox this morning.)

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