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Chew Toys

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What chew toys would you recommend for someone who is bringing home a 3 month old GSD? I am reading a book on the GSD, and it recommends buying Nylabones, latex squeeky toys, rubber bones & balls, and faux lamb's wool plush toys.

I was thinking about starting with just 3 chew toys...maybe a Nylabone, a latex squeeky toy, and a plush toy. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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My boy DESTROYED soft toys as a pup (and still does)! I recommend a kong, you can stuff treats or peanut butter in there! Keeps them busy for a while!
Originally Posted By: Doc_Brown I recommend a kong, you can stuff treats or peanut butter in there! Keeps them busy for a while!
IF you can get them to actually use them. I have had several dogs since Kongs were invented and exactly 1 would even touch a Kong. And that was only becuase that was the only thing I was throwingat the time. (One of the orange ones with a rope attached.) Even with him, if given a choice, the Kong was at the bottom of the list of "favorite toys".
Bogart loves his "Binky" which is a Kong in the shape of a pacifier (soother), it's for puppys and is a softer rubber then the regular kong. It keeps him busy in his crate when he first wakes up in the morning which gives us a few extra minutes sleep!!

Bogart's Mom
Just watch the plush toys with stuffing. We have had a dog chock on the stuffing in the past. It was very scary. Since then we never put plush toys in the crate where they are alone for extended periods.
My pup is just over three months and his two favorite toys are a tennis ball, a pink "loofa" dog and a small latex squeeky toy that we bought for under a dollar
He is not that fond of his nylon bone or the Kong yet.
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I've found the latex type toys to be too easy for the pups to tear.

For chew toys I would go with Kongs and Cuzs (if you don't mine demonic squeeky noises

I make braided fleece and tennis ball toys that my guys LOVE!
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Try getting a hevy duty rope at the pet store. It's Gunners favorite toy
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