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Chew Bones & Broken Teeth

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I noticed that Myrika has broken a couple of teeth, I suspect from power chewing. The Goldens have not broken any teeth and they've been chewing these bones for years...but I think Myrika may take chewing to whole 'nother level - or she has soft teeth.

She is not showing any pain symptoms...continues to power chew and eat as normal. Face and gums appear normal, no swelling.

Anybody else dealt with this issue before?

What are some chewing alternatives being used that are not so hard on the teeth? The softer Nylabones might be okay but I've seen some big chunks come off of those in the past.

I am not relying on bones solely for teeth cleaning, as they regularly get their teeth brushed by us.
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Re: Chew Bones & Broken Teeth

I like bully sticks, tracheas, or other completly digestable animal parts, they can be a little stinky and they don't last long, but they are safe and digestable (compared to rawhide) and my dogs love them to chew on.

I also like to use rubber toys with treat pockets or holes in them. The Kong is a good standby and I also like the Everlasting treat balls. Raw bones are also much softer than cooked bones, so I like to do the marrow soup bones (outside or on the porch).
Re: Chew Bones & Broken Teeth

Thanks, the digestible chews would be great for outside (they've had the bully sticks and seem to really enjoy those!). We do have a couple rubber chew toys around but the interest is not the same. They all like the hard chews, especially the new ones - they really go to town chewing on those. The kong I save for crate as a special activity. I'll check into the Everlasting treat balls - think I've seen those around at the stores.

There are a few people who do give rawhide. I've always stayed away from any form of it. Are there different qualities of rawhide out there?
Re: Chew Bones & Broken Teeth

I don't give rawhide, either. Too many scary stories and it seems to add to the sticky tarter on the teeth (as the bullies do). If you do give rawhide, make sure it is from the USA - some countries use formaldehyde to bleach the rawhide.

A safer form of rawhide are the ones made from ground rawhide, but they don't last long.

You can also freeze a carrot for some good chewing. Not as hard as a bone and a cheap chew.
Freezing a carrot is a great idea! I bet they would really love that. They get baby carrots from the refrigerator they seem to digest the carrots well enough, if they chew them, lol.

P.S. Thanks for input on rawhide, as well.
Re: Chew Bones & Broken Teeth

If I had an obsessive, compulsive chewer I don't think I woud give any chew stuff at all- atleast not those who can be chewn uncontrollably for hours.
I like raw rib bones since they can be eating up and aren't that thick and damaging to the teeth.
Re: Chew Bones & Broken Teeth

Originally Posted By: Maedchen...atleast not those who can be chewn uncontrollably for hours.
...What a visual! But no, thankfully, that is not the case here.

Thanks for the raw rib bones suggestion. What ribs do you feed? ...beef, pork? I have access to a local buffalo meat shop. I'll have to check and see if they sell ribs.
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Re: Chew Bones & Broken Teeth

Either beef or pork ribs would be fine. Other options in the raw arena that would provide a few minutes chewing pleasure (and teeth cleaning) would include turkey necks, pig's feet, or pork neck. Basically, any raw bone you can get your hands on--with the exception of beef/deer leg bones (too hard) would be a safer chew.
Re: Chew Bones & Broken Teeth

I give beef ribs. Wonder, how Buffalo ribs look like-they must be HUGE!
Re: Chew Bones & Broken Teeth

Thanks...I've been kind of skirting around raw & marrow bones due to not knowing how they would digest, combined with a diet of kibble (human-grade ingredient/premium) and home cooked. In my mind, I imagine raw bones fitting in with a compete raw diet. But since Myrika has broken a couple of teeth on the bleached ones, this may very well be the push I need to explore those options in more depth.

And, you've given me some great options at that.

Even though they haven't broken any teeth, I'm sure the Goldens would gladly give up their current bones for raw bones.
Re: Chew Bones & Broken Teeth

Originally Posted By: MaedchenWonder, how Buffalo ribs look like-they must be HUGE!
I'll check it out and let you know!
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