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Chasing Cars

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My pup is 14 weeks old and he is pretty good on walks besides when a car drives by... He starts pulling a lot, trying to chase the car. Anyone have any tips for this?

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Just keep him on his lease at all times. Deuce (17 weeks) pulls when he sees a bird or squirrel. I just hold the lease tight in my hand and say "leave it".
Boy have I been through this one with Stosh! He would lunge at the car, one day he actually caught one. He T-boned it with his head, right in the driver's side. We were at the end of our drive, I had him in a sit/stay while I went to the mailbox and I saw the car coming, he was completely relaxed and didn't seem to pay attention to it, then all of a sudden- wham! He wasn't hurt but it scared all three of us. Since then I spent a lot of time with him on a prong collar and correcting him when he made a move towards a car or motorcycle. I also use 'leave it'. He's improved tremendously but it does take time and exposure to lots of cars. We have a fenced in area of our property that faces the road and he was running the fence line after cars at times but even that has stopped. So I'd start with the prong or training collar, correct him when he makes a motion towards a car, and use a clicker and leave it while walking past cars.
Hi All, I saw there was already a thread about chasing cars so I am posting my rant here :) Hope its not too far off topic for the OP.

Mac is 11 months old. After months of training, we finally got him to ignore cars (and people walking their dogs etc) when we're playing or training in the yard. Lately, out of the blue, he's started chasing cars again. The first time he ran full force toward the road and then at the very edge of the grass he pivoted to the left and ran the perimeter. It happened so fast and it scared the heck out of me and the driver. He didn't leave the yard but it sure looked like he planned to. Last night it happened again only this time he actually left the yard. Back to square one with the training. Just venting.
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