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Hey everyone,

Starting in 2 weeks I will be out of college for summer break and starting my MCAT class. This class is Monday to Thursday 6pm to 9pm. This conflicts with the schedule I currently have Simba on. As of now, he wakes around 9 am, goes potty, hangs out around the house till 1pm while I am in class (someone feeds him for me at 11:30), then we go to the park from 2 to 4pm. He then naps until 5 or 6, hangs with me and my roommates till dinner at 7, walk till 9, play inside till 10 or 11pm. However this new schedule conflicts with our night time play and walking session. I am thinking about having a morning walk/dog park visit, followed by lunch and a nap. Then a walk from 4pm to 6pm, followed by food. He'll be left alone from 6 pm to 9 pm. So pretty much shifting his whole schedule a few hours earlier. How does this sound? The reason I ask is because he tend to be a whiner if he isn't tired when I leave the house. I am prepared to let him cry it out though as he gets used to the new schedule. He is just shy of 7 months old btw.

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