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Really curious what you end up deciding - 2o2o or running contacts.
I'm honestly skeptical about GSD and running contacts because their sequence of steps is so wide and just doesn't seem to match. But the video you posted in February lokked really promising.
So yeah, curious if you switch back after Anne's online course. And I'm kinda jealous that you can just switch to 2o2o again. If I allowed running contacts once, I'm pretty sure my dog would NEVER come to a halt on a contact ever again...:grin2:
Yeah we'll see! We'll stick with the 2o2o for a few months at least, if not forever. I can say some courses from recent trials make a 2o2o pretty attractive, lol. Straight/straight-ish exits are still rather common, but dang there are some hard turns off the dogwalk too. Especially for a big dog.

It will be a while anyway before we can really get back to working on the running dogwalk stuff. We have a lot of other things to work on, like fixing her running aframe (she's coming off pretty high now) and we're doing Linda Mecklenburg's online jumping class since bar-knocking is also a thing for Chandra. Interestingly she actually knocks less bars in trials than in practice, usually it's the other way around! At our recent trial we had a couple really nice jumpers runs, just one bar from a Q in each of them. Crash-course bar knocking is no fun but I don't want to suffer "just one bar" syndrome either!!

I used the box method to train Chandra's aframe initially but I will probably use Anne's method/the mat to rework it for deeper hits again. Which should also give us a bit of a head start if/when we get back to the running dogwalk with the mat. I think the RDW is definitely possible. Chandra can get really nice hits. It just wasn't consistent enough and I know there was a lot more work we needed to put into it. We probably didn't do enough initial groundwork with the mat, for one.

Lots of people now have a running and stopped dogwalk with the same dog. As long you train both behaviors well (darn it lol), have distinctly different verbal cues for them, and give those verbals early enough the dog can react appropriately. A tip from Anne's class is also having two different names for the dogwalk so the dog knows by which name you say whether you will ask them to run or stop before they even enter the dogwalk. I remember when having both running and stopped dogwalks was rare but I see it more often now. Still not as common as people either going completely running or completely 2o2o but I see more using both. It was actually my initial plan for Chandra (running for straight exits, 2o2o for anything else).

I worked the 2o2o quite a bit on a plank since she was little, so the 2o2o itself wasn't a completely new behavior for her. It was a bit challenging to add it to the dogwalk after she had several months of running it. But we've made great progress though, a few pieces to still fill in but overall it's coming along quickly and more consistently than the RDW.
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