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CGC test

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Dodger goes for his CGC test saturday I'm excited and nervous. I have a couple of questions for you guys. For those of you that have gotten your dogs CGC was it hard? was your evaluator really strict or does it depend on the evaluator? I was thinking that I should walk him down to the place to where they have the test to tire him out a little bit. What do i bring to the test besides my dog and vaccination records? Do I need to bring a brush and long leash? any advice or experiences would be appreciated.
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It will depend on the evaluator.

1) Bring your own brush and leash. Brush is really important because they will brush your dog and you don't want your dog more focused on the other doggie smells from a strangers brush.
2) Remember that when you meet the stranger with the dog, you can put your dog in a sit or down before shaking hands. That just keeps them in place in case they want to say hi to the other dog. :)
3) I've actually found it detrimental to hang around the testing area. All the ppl are ramped up, dogs are nervous. If you want to go early, just take a walk around.
cool thanks Jax. I figured since the test is at 8 am I can get up at 6 and walk him down there it's like 3-4 miles from my house I figured it would tire him out get him and me focused and I hopefully will get there around 7:30 or so I don't want to hang around there any longer than I have too on account, as you said, the other dogs will be hyper, excited, nervous and I don't want Dodge to be hyper going into the test.
How is he with separation? I think the only reason Jax passed is because a friend of mine was sitting right there. :)

She passed her TDI test also and I could see her from where I was. She never took her eyes off the spot where she last saw me. and the kid holding her kept pushing on her butt. I wasn't very happy. It seemed like a circus.
He should be ok my trainer took him and i walked around the corner to where he couldn't see me and she said he did fine he whined for a second then settled down. When my mom took him and I disappeared that was a different story he went nuts crying, shaking trying to get back to me, but we had a lot of things happen that night, my neighbors dog freaked out, Dodge saw a cat he wanted to chase, some guy and his dog that dodger doesn't like (don't know why they've never even met before) went by that was just a bad night lol. I think he should be ok because he's with someone that won't be nervous and will be calm, usually if whoever has him is calm he'll be calm too. I'm more worried about him smelling everything, like when i have to greet the person and their dog, I know he'll want to smell and smell and smell and since I have to use his flat collar i won't be able to correct him. this should be interesting lol.
I knew my evaluators, it's a small dog world, but my dogs were good, so there wasn't a problem. The only thing my dogs really could have used more practice was being left with a stranger. But they didn't bark, just wanted to follow me. I should have used the "stay" command, in hindsight.
Good Luck and have fun!
I know they have to do a distraction/loud noise as part of the test. what did they do for that? did they drop a chair or make a loud sudden noise? If I see it coming he should be ok. If I jump then so will he. lol I'm being way to concerned with this aren't I? lol
When we went in Sept they shook a can that had a few pennies in it....the test was outside so it didn't seem loud to me.
It's a great idea to walk him there so he'll have some exercise first. One of the trainers in our obedience club was the evaluator but we didn't know beforehand who it would be. I never thought Stosh would pass because he was only 5 mos old, so I considered it a learning tool and to find out what I needed to work on- but he passed!! He did much much better than I thought he would. During the 'sit for examination' he gave the evaluator his paw and I thought she would fail him but she didn't because he didn't really make contact with her. He also sniffed her arm but didn't move towards her so that was ok too. Obviously the evaluators will give a little leeway at times and the purpose isn't to see if the dog is perfect, but well trained and in control of himself. So try not to be nervous, have some fun and enjoy seeing your dog work. And if he doesn't pass every portion you'll know what to work on. Good luck!
haha I thought i was being too overly concerned lol. heck if it's a can of pennies in it it should be a breeze I do that everyday haha. Thanks guys for all your advice and such lol.
I would make sure he has had some exercise before helps!
Hope you can have someone post pics!
I plan on walking him to the testing site which is 4-5 miles at least from my house I know bringing him to it cold turkey would be a bad idea. I'll see if my friend can come down and take pics and cheer us on maybe she can give us a ride home haha. Only bad part about walking him there is walking him back.
I had taken my dog to doggie day care so she was nice and tired. LOL I was actually quite surprised my dog passed. The load noise for us was them opening and closing a lawn chair and then dropping it on the ground. Uschi didn't even flinch. :D

Your dog will be just fine! Good luck, have fun and let us know how it went. :D :D
I can't remember what they used for the noise with Bianca. It might have been dropping a chair or a book? I forget. I know sometimes they drop something metal like a baking pan.

I think the AKC's website tells you what your dog needs to do to pass and the evaluators all have the same rulebook so it should be pretty clear.
The test I went to was pretty relaxed, it was actually just me and Bianca-- it wasn't a scheduled test day, what I did was contact a trainer I'd taken a class with who I knew offered CGC classes and asked if she knew where we could take the CGC test. She told me one of her associate trainers (who I hadn't met before) could do the test for us so we just made an appointment... I actually passed the CGC test with Bianca twice, because we took a therapy dog test a few weeks ago and they do the CGC test as part of their therapy dog test.
The hardest part for Bianca was the greeting another dog. She realllly wanted to approach the other dog but I put her in a down-stay and she held the stay.
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I live in New Zealand and the structure of the New Zealand Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen program is a little different -- we have four levels that the dogs work their way through (Foundation, Bronze, Silver, Gold). My shepherd will be assessed for her bronze qualification in two weeks. At her Foundation assessment, the one major point that the assessor made at the end was that he is basically observing the dogs from the moment he arrives and any bad behavior in between the exercises can count against them...just something to think about.
as long as i see what they drop so I don't jump I think Dodger will be fine. he'll just want to meet the other dog lol that and smelling is going to be a challenge for him, but since I'm walking him there he should be more mellow.
From what I remember, our loud noise was someone banging on a table- but the evaluator told us what each testing phase would consist of so we knew ahead of time- no surprises. It's not as though they're trying to get the dog to fail.
Good luck! And don't be nervous (easy to say!) Sounds like you and your pup are ready!
Good luck! And don't be nervous (easy to say!) Sounds like you and your pup are ready!
thanks. I put him through basic obedience first he got first place with a score of 177 out of 200 so I hope he does well. I'll try not to be nervous because then he'll pick up on it and that wouldn't be good lol
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