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cause of a curly tail??

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Meb's tail curls up -always- does anyone else have a purebreed GDS that their tail does the same. Not that if really matters that much, just love the guy but just curious??

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genitics....plain and simple...My Nara does the same thing, all the N Litter did...
yup, genetics. Kelso's does this as well. Mainly when he is sniffing or stalking

I have heard it referred to as a "gay" (happy) tail
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thanks, DH kept saying he must be crossed with an alaskan malamute but I didnt think so.
Sometimes Kisses tail will curl up like that.
Bearlas doesnt do that, our wolf cross, Kings tail did. and another gorgeous gsd that we had years and years ago that came over from germany had one that did it when she was excited or very happy.
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