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Catawba County, NC 2 yr old Male LH

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I am waiting on more information on him and will post as soon as available:

He is believed to be 2 years old.

Per the shelter: "He has a lot of puppy in him. He doesn’t have the best manners but doesn’t drag you and he wants to please."

<span style="color: #FF6666">Contact is Joy Porter: [email protected] or 828-464-7686</span>

Catawba County Animal Care Control
100-C South West Blvd.
Newton, NC 28658
Phone: 828-464-7686

This boy is my kind of boy - I think he is a Bi-Color LH
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He is just amazing!!! My gosh, he's stunning!!!

Ugh, this is just horrible. I have NEVER seen so many adoptable GSDs in kill shelters at one time and with so few openings for any of them.

This sucks!!!!!!!!!

People of the GSD community - if you have ever thought about fostering, now is the time!!!
A bit more information:
"He was pick up as abandoned, he had a rabies tag on but it couldn’t be traced. So we don’t know anything of his background. We don’t have the ability to heartworm test. He will go up for adoption tomorrow 7/24. And it all depends on time space and how health he stays."
Oh this is a velcro dog for sure-just look the way he's keeping his paw on that persons foot!!!!
I live about 30 min from this shelter if someone needs help with pulling or getting info.
Bump. He becomes available today.

Any chance you could go over and see how he is with other dogs? And maybe do a general temperament test? That info really helps people looking to adopt.
I won't be able to go over there today, I can't get out of work unfortunately....I am so sorry.
Theres two dogs on this board that have really caught my eye, and this is one of them. What a cutie. I just can't get over how beautiful he is. Dopes like me have paid $1000 for a pup that MIGHT turn out to be as handsome as he is and here this boy is available and all ready to go to a new home.
Shelter is open 9 to 7 Monday, and Tuesday through Friday from 9 to 5.

I am in contact with Joy at the shelter and have asked if there is anyway she can temp test him a bit more and with other dogs. Joy has a LH GSD so she is familiar with them and says he is a very good boy.
More information:

"He is not neutered. He is in a kennel w/a medium aussie and a neufie right now and has no problems. I can get him out in a little while to see about the small animals and cats."
Thanks Darcy, it never ceases to amaze me the beautiful dogs that are avail. in the shelters. This boy just blows me away!!!

Call me on my cell if there is anything I can do...I have a 5pm meeting today at work, so no way to get to the shelter..I am so sorry.

Where are you located? I am interested in him but am in Virginia and won't be able to get there til Sunday. Shelter isn't open on Sunday.
I've been trying to figure out what to do all day.
Bumping back to page 1
1. Call the shelter in the a.m.
2. Ask if they will do a preliminary temp test on him, letting them know what you are looking for.
3. Ask if they will accept PayPal or CC.
4. Ask, when is the earliest he can be vetted and what vet office they use.
5. Call the vet office and find out their hours. They may have Sunday pick up if they can neuter/vet tomorrow.
Good luck Connie and Jetta says hi!
1 - 20 of 51 Posts
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