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Car Rides and Junk Food

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If we take Rocky out and about town with us, we will leave his windows down, and let stick his head out the windows. He loves doing this. Earlier this week I saw another person that had their GSD in the bed of their truck, running back and forth, and the dog did not appear to be chained at all. I believe Ga law says that any animal in the bed of a truck should be chained (leashed) so they can't jump out. I personally would never throw Rocky in the back of a pick up truck, but I guess each person can do what they want with their animals.

I don't see animals in the back of trucks as much as I used to and just kind of wondering if it is a southern thing.

On ocassion he will get special treats, like feeding him Double Cheeseburger from Mickey D's, he get pretzels, chips, crackers, and orange sherbert too. If I eat cereal he loves to drink the milk.

Anyways, I know there are a few people on here that will let their dog ride around town with his/her head out the window or that feeds him/her "junk" food on ocassion, but I was just curious how many people actually do this with their pups?
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There aren't many things I eat that Luca doesn't get a bite of. His favorite thing in the world are tater tots from Sonic. He also licks every ice cream bowl, and a potato chip has never hit the floor at my house.

As long as it's just occasionally and a little bit, "junk" food is a treat. It may be low in nutrition, but it's high in joy.

However, I don't let the dogs stick their head out the window while the car is moving.

eta: since the poll combines both things, I went for "occasionally." Junk food = all the time; head out the window = never. So I averaged it to occasionally.
rideing in the truck with his head out the window?? OF COURSE!! he loves putting his head out the window but i only let it down halfway so he cant jump out. i do make sure that the window lock is on so that he doesnt roll the window up on hisself lol

junk food?? NO. altho if there is any food on the ground its fair game but i do not give it too him. i hate dogs that beg its a huge pet peave. also i do not want my dog eating off of my plate if i should happen to get up for a refill etc etc

my neighbor lets his Golden ride in the back of his truck. i would not do this because he could either fall out while goin down the road and get hit or he could jump out at a stop sign and run...either way i think its safer to keep them inside the vehicle
Love the question Danielle!

I'm just going to add a poll for people to vote, incase they'd rather not comment.

Question is:
Quote: Anyways, I know there are a few people on here that will let their dog ride around town with his/her head out the window or that feeds him/her "junk" food on ocassion, but I was just curious how many people actually do this with their pups?
Chevy is not yet 5 months but has no interest in sticking his head out the window. He just sits or lays down on the seat. I see a lot of dogs that do and the dogs we've owned in the past loved to stick their heads out the windows.

I recently read an article though about somewhere locally, a dog jumped out of a moving vehicle and the owner didn't even realize it for a few miles! The dog was ok, was resuced and eventually reunited with it's owner. Scary though to think what could have happened. As far as putting a dog in the back of a pickup without being restrained...I'd never do it. We have a pickup and there's no way I would even think of driving with a dog in the bed...I think it's illegal here anyways.

We do not feed him any "junk" food. The only human food he gets is the occasional raw veggie (which he loves) and ice cubes
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Dalton always comes with me when I go to town. If I'm going to grab something for myself to eat, he always gets something too. Most times that is fast / junk food. It's a treat for both of us. I wouldn't say that I let his head hang out the window while I'm driving but the window is open far enough for him to get his nose out there most of the time.
Whenever Brady goes for a ride with me, his head is always out the window unless he is tired then he crashes out.
As for junk food occassionally he gets it. Brady LOVES ice cream and yogurt. I try not to give him junk but if my hubby and I are eating it he sure does want some. Of course if its a carrot or green bean he won't eat it.
Just for clarification, Rocky's windows are program to only roll down half way. He has enough room to get his head out. I don't think he could jump out, but if we are parking the windows go way up.

I understand the begging thing and Rocky is not a begger. He has been trained better. If food hits the floor in our house, he will not touch it until we tell him it is paid for.

Vinne thanks for adding the poll.
We have a van, so it's hard for them to even think about sticking their head out the window, and even if they could, I would never allow it out of fear that they might get their head hit by something moving on the road, or a sign or something, but we do keep the windows cracked about 2 inches, so they can get fresh air.

As far as "junk food" is cocerned, if we are riding, niether of the girls like o eat in the van, but if it's a long distance travel, they do get an occassional chicken sandwhich from Wendys or something in that nature which they seem to love since they devour it. As for home, we used to drop them food from snacks, but with Elle's weight issue, that has stopped, because she is on a strict diet these days, but if food is dropped accidently, it's fair game, who ever gets it wins, or sometimes another piece will be "accidently" dropped so everyone gets a fair taste!
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I totally understand the begging thing, Sarge is not allowed in the dining room while we eat. I tell him, we'er eating now and he goes into the living room and lays on the rug. I dont know how or why I started this but its kind of funny. When we finish dinner if theres something I want to give him I tap my plate with my fork ever so lightly(some times I try and see just how lightly I can do it and he still comes) and he jumps up and sits next to me knowing something good is comming. I think its a good reward for being a good boy.

As for the windows, Sarge and I ride in a jeep, its very close quarters, I roll the window down about 3/4 of the way so he can hold his head out, He doesnt make any effort to jump out, he just enjoys the fresh air and being able to look around. Hes basicly sitting 12 inches from me and I watch him closely at all times.

Sarge of course has his own food but he also pretty much eats what I eat, I dont remember the last time I finished anything!!! He always has some or at the very least the last bite, be it a sandwich, ice cream, whatever. Hes loves cheetoes, rice crispy treats, well this list is quite long but you get the

Junk food, him and I go to Mc Donalds on occasion, we dont live there!!! we may go there once a week or so on an average. He loves the double cheese burgers plain( plain cuts way down on the mess in the car). I order the food and we park in the lot, sarge sits patiently while I open his burger, I hold it for him while he takes bites. When hes finished I open mine, I eat my burger while sharing the fries. Hes learned from experience how it all works so hes very well behaved the whole time, thats why I dont mind taking him along.

We were at an A&W once where you pull up and order, and they bring out the food. The girl brings out the order, hooks the tray on the window. She goes to another car. On her way back she sees me feeding sarge his burger and stops and asks if she

Other people in cars was checking it out too, people seem amazed by the way sarge eats a burger for some
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I used to take my Dobie and Beardie with me everywhere. The Dobie also knew that when she saw the golden arches, it meant she was getting a McChicken sandwich w/o lettuce or mayo. Her stub of a tail would wag and she'd cry and whine and start to drool. She LOVED those Mickey D Chicken sandwiches!

Mandi is given some food if we are standing and eating and not sitting at the table. We have a Russian Blue cat that will walk right up and take whatever it is you have if you are sitting on the bed or in a chair in the living room. She has learned it is best not to try to get food from us when we are at the table, though. The cat and Mandi are going to have quite a time sharing our scraps as Mandi gets older.
Morgan sits in the jump seat so there's no window to stick her head out. Years ago, I had a dog jump out of my car to chase a cat, through a supposed child safety window that went halfway down. It didn't end well so I lockout the back windows when Morgan is in the car.

Junk food - occasionally I'll throw her a chicken nugget or give her a bowl when the kids are having icecream.
when Kayla rode with me in the Accord, the windows were almost always down when we were not on the freeway. They also did not roll all the way down.

Since I got the Pilot last year, the second row does not go all the way flat which I didn't care for at first. But Kayla can now easily look out while laying down and she loves it-that's her throne. I rarely put the windows down now though that may change as we get into the warmer season.

Originally Posted By: DSuddI don't see animals in the back of trucks as much as I used to and just kind of wondering if it is a southern thing.
We also see a lot less out here, but there are still the occasional folks who put their dogs in the back without any form of safety restraints. .
Kisses loves riding with her head out the window. The back windows only go so far down, not even really half-way. She'll stick her head out the window and look around some then settle down in the back.

She gets junk food on occasion. If I stop at Mickey D's to get a snackwrap, she gets a burger.
Since I don't have a car, Grimm rides the bus by laying down on his side near the aisle and waiting until all the Grandmas are looking at him before he beginning to clean his Wiener Schnitzel and dumplings. Yup.. leg held high, loud slurping sounds & all, he NEVER does this at home.... only for his elderly female audience.

Junkfood? He gets to lick the dregs from my and DH's yogurt cups, gets the butt end of a banana each morning too.
I only roll the window down just far enough that Ris can sort of stick her nose out of it. Call me overprotective/paranoid if you will but I don't want to risk something flying into her eyes while we're moving. I also leave the window up most of the way if I have to leave her in the car without me (though I NEVER leave her for long). I worry about stupid people putting their hands through the window and trying to pet her. . .

As for junk food, she rarely gets any. Most of her junk food treats are apples or bananas. Occasionally a piece of a cookie, cracker, hot dog or ham.
Once the weather is nicer, I do take her out for ice cream and she sometimes gets some french fries if I get fast food for dinner.
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Jamie, you don't let Risa stick her head out cos you know she'll become airborne with those Flying Nun ears of hers!
High-flyin' GrinnyGirl!
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Meeka frequently/nearly always gets a little of what we're eating, and I too have taken her by Micky D's for a cheeseburger. We just get the regular ones though and she has one and I have one. I don't usually get fries when she's with me. Meeka hasn't been allowed to stick her head out the window. I don't think I'll ever do that. She loves kitties and people sooooo much, I am afraid she'd jump out or hurt herself trying!
I do usually give the dogs some of what I'm eating, but in the car I only roll the window down a couple of inches... just enough to get their nose out.
Jamie, that is actually something I hadn't really considered, something getting in his eye.

I have thought about hitting something, but in order to do that I would have to damage my car.
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