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Cant we all get along?

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I have two yorkies around 5 lbs, 5 and 6 years old , both house broken
and into there little inside dog thing. I live in a 12 by 60 trailer on 10 acers of land, I just moved here and bought a GSD. I have a 8 week old
female shep pup. < god shes big>.

Well here where my problem lies. The first two days i had puppy
home , I kept the yorkie and Magic <shep puppy> in the same
room while i was at work from 5am to 4pm. Now I put the puppy
in one bedroom alone while I'm at work. because for some reason
the female yorkie is shaking and seems very scarde of puppy, the male just ignores her, or just growls.

But the puppy seems to really like the little female , she constantly wants to play with her. and on walks the puppy shadows my little
female and constantly trys to play , but female Yorkie wont snap her
she prefers to run an hide shaking all the time.

when we go inside the small female climbs up on he sofa and Magic to her credit dosen't jump up on it
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I have a Yorkie and 4 GSDs. From day one I've taught all my GSDs to leave my Yorkie alone. They do not play with her period. It would be too easy for them to really hurt her. Now I leave my Yorkie with 2 of my GSDs, some times 3 GSDs, loose in the house and they are fine. They completely ignore her.
The only one allowed to play with my Yorkie is my oldest female GSD Blossom. She is very very gentle with my Yorkie.
Be sure to read up on adding a puppy to a home with existing dogs. You don't want her bonding to the Yorkies and not to you. People make this mistake all the time (it's even worse if you buy two pups at the same time).
how did you get teach your GSD not to play with your yorkie?
Do your Yorkies have kennels? I know my cats have a safe "doggy off limit" zone. No dogs allowed in one room which is the cat's haven. Puppies could be pretty rough on a Yorkie I would think. Do you have a kennel for the GSD?
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