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Canine extortion

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Grendel is teaching Allie her bad habits. I'm in my room peacefully eating a hamburger. Allie smells it, comes over and plops her butt down right next to me as she eyeballs the burger.

"No dice, doggie. This is mine."

I take another bite. Allie groans slightly. I ignore her. Another bite; a long, protesting whine. Another swallow; I feel my elbow being shoved by a german shepherd nose and almost drop my hamburger.

"Allie! Knock it Off! We AREN'T sharing!"

Allie watching another moment or two, then chuffs off. I hear her jump up on the bed, nose around and then jump down again. I turn around to see exactly what she is doing. She's got my brand new goose down pillow in her mouth. Once she sees she has my attention she puts a paw on it as she pulls it slightly up. The meaning is clear:

Stand clear of the sandwhich or the pillow gets it!


She got the rest of the hamburger; at least she let me keep the french fries.

Jelpy and the Mesquite Mafia
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:rofl: All I can say is they have you trained.
you've been trained. They have you RIGHT where they want you!!!!
:rofl: What a smart girl!!!!
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