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Hi there,
Your dogs are both German Show Line types.
As for the Dam, she is originally from well known kennel in Serbia called Topolovnicka. Name of the village where this kenel is located in Serbia is Topolovnik. It lays downstream of capital city Belgrade on the river Danube bordering to Romania.

Generally "Topolovnicka" dogs have entered Serbian Sieger (under German SV judges) shows many times, and have scored with good results.... almost always within top 5 kennels in Serbia. I would not be hesitant to get GSD from their breeding. (Please note that I'm not affiliated with this kennel in any ways nor did I ever had a chance to meet the owners of this kennel)

Not much I can say / comment about the sire except to notice obvious thing that he has some "Farbenspiel" line in him. His kennel appears to be in Berlin - Germany Deutsche Schäferhunde - vom Ochsentor - German Sheperd Dogs They seem to date back to 1975 when they started GSD breeding.

Good luck.
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