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can somone tell me ................

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how do i teach my pup to fetch?
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toss the toy, tell him to go get it, if he doesn't understand walk over pick up the toy and put it in his mouth and have him to walk it back to you. Goodluck...make sure you prise him and have treats handy!!
I'd start with very short distances, and pick a toy the pup gets really excited about.
A leash helps too, so once the pup picks up the toy you can guide them back toward you.

And of course, lots of praise and rewards!
The pup needs to learn that coming to you (either with a toy or ball, or without) is the greatest thing in the world!

Good luck!!
ok if i try a leash mabey that will work cause i trough the ball and he gets it but when i reach to get the ball he runs.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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