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I am pretty sure DH is on a mission to find another GSD. We have been discussing it and I know he looked at a bunch of ads yesterday. He acutally found some working line pups that he was going to call on

Before we get another dog (I am leaning towards rescue) exactly what is the difference between different types of dogs? I know there are "working lines" but exactly what does that mean?

When we resuced Rocky from his BYB I didn't know much about shepherds and I couldn't tell you anything about his parents except the daddy was black and the momma was brown with a black saddle.

Can someone explain to me (in layman's terms please) the breeding differences and what it means? What does working line mean? We spend alot of time with Rocky and will walk him/play with him/do some training on a daily basis, but he is just really a family pet. We don't do agility, or Sch or anything else like that. I would think that when looking for a pup or a second dog we would want to find a dog that would fit into our family.

The other thing DH is concerned about, if we get an older rescue (I am thinking a female between 2 and 3) how do we know that the gos will fit in with our family?
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