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Originally Posted By: mamagoose
Originally Posted By: BowWowMeowI would recommend rescuing. If you work with a good rescue they will help you find a dog that is a good match for your lifestyle and who gets along with your other dog.
I second this! Rescuing is great and there are so many out there that I'm sure you can find the perfect fit for your family.

One more recommendation for rescue here!

I believe that the rescue group for which I have done volunteer work ( has it as a standard policy that all adoptions are considered to be in a "foster" situation for their first month in the new home.

I think it's a very good policy. A month allows time for the new dog to settle in and gives the new family an accurate idea of his behavior in this new setting.

I'm sure that each rescue group has its own specific policy, of course.

I heartily agree with those who are recommending adopting a GSD from a rescue group.

Another reason: when a dog is first taken in by our rescue group from a shelter situation, that dog lives with a GSD-savvy foster family for at least a month, so that they can really get to know the dog by observing the dog's behavior in a home setting in a variety of situations.

Why? They want to place the right dog with the right family. They want to be as sure as possible that <u>everybody is happy</u>!
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