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Can food make this much difference?

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I've always had Stosh on Nature's Variety Instinct Rabbit and he ate reasonably well but not great. He rarely ate more than 3 cups a day, would no longer eat the frozen raw chicken patties. After much urging from my niece who runs the infirmary at the zoo, I bought a bag of Orijen LBP and mixed it 1/2 and 1/2 with the NV. We just got back from 5 days away and the woman that has the kennel where he stayed said he could not get enough food! He inhaled it and wanted more. I thought it was because there were other dogs around, it's gotten cooler, he was playing a lot, whatever. But it must be the food- I swear he's eating like I've never seen him eat before. And he's got so much energy, he obviously feels great, enjoys his food, wants more...can it simply be the food making such a difference?
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Yes it can make that much of a difference. Keep an eye on his coat, coloring, even his eyes because a quality food can change all and more.
Nature's Variety is rated right up there with the best but if he's not going to eat it, it can't do much good. I've never been a big believer in puppy formulas but he might prove me wrong this time.
It might not be a puppy formula that is doing the magic, it sounds like the NV was not the right food for your pup.
I do feed a puppy formula to pups, but in this case, it just may be that he likes the Orijen. I have definitely had dogs that did not like some types of kibble but the Origen is popular here.

Except with the little pup who insists on a raw diet. She may be super smart!
I think eventually he'll turn off the Orijen also. I did a rotation when he was a pup and still do. He would inhale the Orijen and the TOTW but not anymore so I rotate those 2 with other grain free,blending,mixing etc.
I switched my dog to Natural Balance Limited Ingredients (sweet potato and salmon) about a month ago. I can report that his dry spots are gone and he isn't losing any more hair. Up till now, he defied every type of diet, including completely home made. For some reason this brand just worked.

The weirdest thing though is that his sense of smell has changed dramatically. He is tracking things now that he never picked up on before. It's amazing. Has anyone seen their dog's sense of smell change from a diet change?
Maybe it's a combo...he likes the food and the weather is finally cooling off here. :)

Also wanted to let you know since I got Sigourney recently I was at Pet Supplies Plus trying to determine what food to put her on (my adults are on grain free). The guys that work there are pretty food savvy and the one I spoke to told me to stay away from the rabbit as it is not regulated.
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