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Im getting a puppy from a breeder. Her parents are:

Any info would be greatful..
The breeders website is

Under the puppies for sale page, I have the puppy with the pick ribbon. She was precious when I seen her in person..

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Here are the two Pedigree's put together.

5 - 4............................................. in VA1 Visum von Arminius

This is pretty clean line breeding wise for most of the W.German Showline dogs I have seen recently.

Zico has a hip rating of Fast Normal (a2), that isn't the worst thing in the world as backing it up looks pretty good. BUT what would cause me a little concern IF I was purchasing this pup as a breeding prospect, two siblings are listed on the Pedigree Database, one is a Fast Normal (a2) and the other is listed as slightly dysplastic. Most slightly dysplastic dog do not show any symptoms or have more than a small problem when they get older. I have a female that was OFA as Mild, she is 6 years old and hasn't slowed down one bit, so good food and correct amounts of excercise will be helpful. LOL it is good for any pup to get good food and excercise.

I do not know the breeder my comments are strictly on the information from the GSD database. If I have time later I will see what information I can find on Fanta.


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From the SV database.

ZW scores: Fanta is a 77, her litter mate Flair is a 75
Zico is 104, littermates: Zena is Zw 104 and Zura in ZW 100.

On the Pedigree data base, Siblings:
Hanka Türkenkopf - Fast Normal ZW 95
Hexe - A Normal ZW 78
Hilla - A Normal - ZW 76
Hobby ?? not listed
Holly - A Normal
Hassan - ?? not listed
Hoss - ?? not listed

Same mother / Sire Champ von Dakota - - A Normal From the SV - ZW 93

ZW scores are a value that is set by adding the dam & sire, divide by 2, then there are additions and subtractions based on hip results of offspring, as I understand it.
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