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I'm new to the forums, but I've been a little for almost a year. Finally made an account to talk about my boy, Camo.

Last June, I had been looking for another dog. Not intentionally, just browsing, as I had just adopted a puppy I named Hank (he's an aussie x Australian cattle dog mix, for those curious). I wasn't seriously looking or even wanting another dog, but I saw an ad on Craigslist for this German Shepherd mix.

His ad wasn't spectacular. It had six photos of him, he looked super healthy, it talked about what he was good at and his flaws, short and to the point. He was good with cats, dogs, and people. Etc. Knew decent obedience, was temperament tested, etc. I thought about it for a bit and casually asked the lady for more information on him.

She said he was going to be a service dog and her current service dog was too dominant in his personality for Camo.

So, I convinced my grandmother to take me the two hours to go and see him. It took a couple chicken nuggets and he was pretty warmed up to me.

Right off the bat, there were some problems. She said he had started submissive urination and hiding in his kennel after they moved, that didn't sound good to me. That sounded like abuse almost.

I worked with him, and fell in love I'm the couple of hours I spent with him.

Long story short,
I've had him for almost a year (June 24th is a year) and he's grown 4 inches, put on 35-40 pounds, his coat has changed some colors, and he's now getting put through a three week training retreat to actually begin service work for my autoimmune disease, anxiety disorder, and severe depression.

Who rescued who, again?
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