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camera shy?

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Kacie will not let me take her pic anymore! Whenever I get the camera out, she leaves like she is afraid of it! I think that the last time I took pics the flash must have made her leary. Does anyone else have this problem? I tried to get pics on her 3rd B-day and the only shots I could get of her were of her backside leaving the area:((
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ABSOLUTELY Jake seems to think the camera is a GUN!tried desensitization didn't work.For some reason although he is NOT great at eye contact he freaks out if it is NOT available.Not just me all his fans have tried for a pic,We all call himm the invisible GSD who thinks his soul will be captured by the camera!
Wow I am shocked, Jesse loves cameras, if he sees one and wants to pose and get his picture taken needless to say I have over 500 shots of him in last 6 months.
I had this problem with a rescued dog (now at the Bridge) who came to me at 13 1/2 years old. She was terrified of the camera as well as thunder & lightning. I don't know if the flash was like lightning in her mind? If she even saw a camera she would leave the room! It was very difficult to get any photos of her, and in the few that I got she usually looked frightened.
It was the same reaction outside in bright sunlight as well.

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