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I have a lot of pictures to share, Callie might not be pure bred but sticks to her GSD breed! I hope you enjoy my pictures:)

The day I got Callie Mae, Best Christmas gift ever! 4 weeks old and barely 3 lbs
4 Weeks.jpg

7 weeks and growing:)
7 Weeks.jpg

Relaxing at the firehouse after a long day of calls (3 Months)
4 Months Old.jpg

She loves her Rita's! (5 Months)
5 months.jpg

St. Patrick's Day Parade with the Fire Company:)
5 months old st. pats day.jpg

Callie (7 months) and Maddy (2yr old Choc. Lab) relaxing in the pool.
7 months.jpg

My Beautiful Girl
8 Months Old.jpg

Fixing the Jeep with dad (10 months)
9 Months.jpg

Finally a year old and doesn't think she needs us for bath time lol
1 yr old.jpg

She thinks she is a human<3 (13 months)
14 Months old.jpg
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