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You can move this thread but with only two comments but some many viewed it speaks values in and of itself...


I will be leaving this group.

Good Luck to you all and the furbabies

What?? That entire first sentence made no sense. What are you trying to say? Seriously, I don’t understand. :eek:

I’m very sorry to hear he was PTS. :cry:

I’m curious; why are you leaving the group? Because this poor dog was PTS? Because no one commented on your thread? Seriously, I don’t get it. There are threads just like this one posted everyday. Sometimes there are several per day. Some threads get lots of views/comments and others get lost in the shuffle and only a very few hits. It’s just the way it goes sometimes. It doesn’t mean no one cares about you and/or this poor pup. Maybe folks are just getting sick of seeing all the GSD’s and GSD-cross being euthanized. I know I am – it’s heartbreaking.:halogsd:
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