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I will order Rx meds from Dr. Fosters and Smith (waiting for Nina's Baytril as I type this) or KV Vet Supply. I think they both have built a reputation on quality as well as price and I feel comfortable with both companies-as comfortable as I am capable of feeling!

I order non prescription things like Synovi from places like petstruly or entirelypets, or places where I can get bulk but that SEEM like they aren't getting it from some kind of back alley deal.

My vet office charges to write a Rx but even with that, the Baytril was WAY cheaper, as is the Tramadol I get from my pharmacy (360 pills I think for 12 bucks)! Check Walmart, Wegmans if you have them, Target to see if any of your pets' meds are on the cheap list.

My vet is also cautious about some places-I still buy my Interceptor there even though its cheaper at KV Vet, but Novartis guarantees it or something if bought at the vet office-they will pay for reaction related illnesses (I THINK-am I making this up?) and has said that people lots of times buy things at cheaper online places, or at tractor supply type places and end up coming to them with a very sick pet.
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