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Butch is sick and I don't know what's wrong

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Many of you have seen my boy, Butch, pulling my kids in the wagon I rigged up. Well, today my wife said that he was just lying around not wanting to play with the other dogs, which is very unusual. When I got home from work he didn't come running up to me, which is almost unheard of. I went looking for him and finally found him under the house completely ignoring my calls. This just doesn't happen. I went under the house and pulled him out and I noticed he had significant weight loss. I could feel his ribs and Butch has always been a very healthy dog including his weight. He just lies around and doesn't seem to want to move at all. I am VERY worried about him. Butch and I are closer than I have ever been with any other dog before. The first thing in the morning I am taking him to the vet. I know these symptoms seem kind of vague, but do any of you have any ideas what this may be. Between the lying around and not coming when called I am so worried. This just isn't like him at all. Something is wrong.
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It could be many things
Is he eating? Has he passed urine or pooed? Does he feel hot to the touch?

I wish you the best and hope Butch gets better really soon for you.

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He was eating until yesterday. As far as urine or BMs, he is mostly an outside dog so I really don't know. It is going to seriously upset my wife, but I may move him inside. She is just going to have to deal with it. Sometimes I think I like him better than her
My thoughts are with Butch and the family

All in alphebetical order

3 pages of symptoms

7 pages of health issues

I provided the link for symptoms in case any are noticable, and the health ones in case you find out somthing is wrong.

1 full page of behavior type issues.

Good luck, keep us posted.
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Dogs just want to be with the pack (you and the family), they so much thrive on the love you give them.

LOL, maybe its time the wife does some time outside

Check for bites (snake maybe).

With the weight loss, maybe the snake bite thougth isn't that accurate.

Good luck again.
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Sorry to hear Butch isn't feeling well.
It could be a lot of things including an obstruction from eating something he shouldn't have to some type of cancer.

He needs to be inside with you, especially if he's sick. Maybe you could even bring him in tonight if he is ok with that.

Taking him to vet first thing is absolutely the right thing. Be sure they run a full blood panel and if that doesn't show anything they should take x-rays. Do his lymph nodes feel swollen or do feel any swelling anywhere else on his body?

What kind of food does he eat?
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Just wanted to let you know I'll be thinking of you and Butch and am sending my prayers and warm thoughts your way. Please keep us updated as to what the vet finds!!!
Just checking for updates...
Well, I just got home from the vet and it is not good. Butch has parvo. I was totally shocked. I have never heard of parvo in an 18 month old dog, but Butch has it. He was also dehydrated because of the diarrhea caused by the parvo. The vet said that it used to be almost unheard of in adult dogs, but that they have seen 5 0r 6 cases in adult dogs in the past year. She said that since it is a virus there is not a whole lot they can do. It will just have to run it's course and whether the dog survives or not is 100% dependent on the dog. She wants to keep Butch over night and see how he does. She said that he has obviously been in contact with another dog that is infected with the parvo virus recently. About a week ago 2 stray labs showed up at my house. I haven't been able to touch them yet, but I have been letting them hang around and feeding them. They won't be here much longer. I am so worried about him. I have never had the relationship with any other dog that I have ever owned that I have had with Butch. I have had puppies before with parvo, but never an adult dog. I was so unprepared for this. Please keep Butch and me in your prayers. I really need and appreciate them right now.
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OMG, that's the last thing I expected to see wrong with Butch. What about your other dogs, will they be okay?

Sending lots of cyber hugs, warm thoughts and prayers to Butch for a swift and uneventful recovery.
I also was not expecting Parvo. Sending Butch good thoughts. Fight Butch your Dad needs you.
We're all pulling for Butch....

Many years ago I found a GSD mix....solid black..gorgeous....laying in the woods.....would't move. It was scary approaching him.....but he was soooo sick. Turned out to be Parvo....he was an adult dog.

Good news is......he fully recovered....was a wonderful dog that I adopted to friends.....he lived a long and happy life! I'm sure Butch will do the same!
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In my last post last night, I edited it, after hearing the weight loss issue.

My sisters friend just was diagnosed as well with it. I had a feeling maybe it was (but I didn't want to say, I just wasn't that sure, and I don't know enough about it).

I am so sorry.
Wow, what a shock! Had he been vaccinated for parvo? I think I read something about a different strain going around. I'd always heard that parvo in an adult is more like a little cold and not life threatening. I certainly hope that Butch pulls through. Hopefully with fluids he will perk right up.
Originally Posted By: ButchsdadShe said that since it is a virus there is not a whole lot they can do. It will just have to run it's course and whether the dog survives or not is 100% dependent on the dog. She wants to keep Butch over night and see how he does. She said that he has obviously been in contact with another dog that is infected with the parvo virus recently.
I'm not a parvo expert (no personal experience with it), but I've heard different advice and information than your vet is giving you. I'd like to hear what others with more experience have to say. My impression is that adequate fluids (IV, antiemetics, etc.) and prevention of secondary disease (with antibiotics, etc.) can be very important for increasing chances of survival. This may require hospitalization until recovery begins. An immunized dog is more likely to recover without special care, so maybe that explains the vet's advice. Sorry if I missed that info.

Has this vet told you, or do you know how to prevent the spread of the disease? It's not for Butch, of course, but others coming thru your yard or neighborhood are at risk. At least pick up all poop you can find in your yard, and consider warning neighbors with unfenced yards to do the same, since this is a common method of transmission. Neighbors should be advised to be sure their puppies and dogs are fully immunized, and avoid contact with feces outside protected areas.

I wish you and Butch the best of luck in getting thru this. Please let us know how it goes.
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They are giving Butch fluids and antibiotics. I am scared right now so I'm sure I'm giving off a negative vibe, but she did sound like Butch had a good chance. Butch was vaccinated for parvo when he was a puppy so I don't really know why he has it or if it is a different strain or not. From what I can tell, we will know by tomorrow whether he will be alright or not. I have not even thought about telling the neighbors, thank you for suggesting it. The only other dog I have is my old faithful beagle, Clyde, and he seems to be fine. If I see ANY signs of anything wrong with him he will be at the vet too. I will keep a close eye on him. Some of you may remember that I took in a stray named Lucy a little while back. She turned out to be a fantastic rabbit dog and a good friend of mine has taken her in since I don't have the time to hunt her like she really deserves to be hunted, so there is no danger in her getting sick. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement. I really appreciate it.
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I hope Butch gets well soon...I'm really sorry he is so sick...
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