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I don't know where this post belongs...

I'm building a kennel, more like two outdoor pens for Chase and Chopper. Chopper has a small 6x6x4 pen with a plywood cover. The pen for Chase is 2x4 posts and fencing. I'm trying to decide between pavers and gravel. Decided against concrete just in case I want to change things around. There's a common area and another fence that separates them from the yard, and a small pen for the rescue puppy here. The common area has wood chips. Cleveland is cold, cold, cold. The soil has a high clay concentrate, very little drainage.

I'm trying to keep the dogs warm and dry.
I'm thinking of builing a roof over each pen or even over the entire area.

Anyone have an pics advice on kennel building?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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