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Building a kennel(where does this post belong?)

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I don't know where this post belongs...

I'm building a kennel, more like two outdoor pens for Chase and Chopper. Chopper has a small 6x6x4 pen with a plywood cover. The pen for Chase is 2x4 posts and fencing. I'm trying to decide between pavers and gravel. Decided against concrete just in case I want to change things around. There's a common area and another fence that separates them from the yard, and a small pen for the rescue puppy here. The common area has wood chips. Cleveland is cold, cold, cold. The soil has a high clay concentrate, very little drainage.

I'm trying to keep the dogs warm and dry.
I'm thinking of builing a roof over each pen or even over the entire area.

Anyone have an pics advice on kennel building?
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I'm the last person to know since I just got my first GSD and we don't have kennel but I do remember there being a section in the Leesberg video about kennels. It did have a section in it that showed how the dog can go inside since the kennels in the video have cold winters. He showed how the "flap" that covers the entrance into the inside part of the kennel was made out of tires or something?? Because it was impossible for the dogs to chew up quickly and it helped keep the cold air out. If you look up Leesberg in Google I bet there's a section on the website about it.

Good luck!
Pavers won't give you drainage unless you put a good lift of sand or pea gravel under the pavers. Gravel unless it is washed stone will get wet and the dogs get all the fine sand on them, so you need to do a good brush before they come in the house.

If you have a fence pacer like I have, she just moves all the pea gravel into a piles at the end of the kennel. So I will be putting pavers along the fence where she paces and the balance will be grass, or lol snow in the winter. The rest of my kennels are grass, but my kennels are more like turn out pens, 20 x 40 ft to 30 x 70 ft.

I don't know if there is any perfect solution when it is wet out and you have multiple dogs.
I got a nice welded wire pen at Tractor Supply- 10 X 10. I put down sand and then pavers from the home depot. We have a deluxe dog house and I also bought the sun cover for the pen. Its nice and cozy and easy to clean. I like it for when I am going to be gone for a couple hours instead of leaving him in his crate since he is just a pup and can't hold it for long. I am thinking about taking out a few pavers in the area he usually "goes" and putting a piece of sod there- but knowing Radar he would have a field day tearing it up and then eating it! Anyone else try sod in a pen with a pup?
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