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Brutal, abusive (truly) training methods?

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Has anyone heard of an old trick where a "trainer" would nick or slice a dog's tendons or the backs of their pawpads, to slow the dog down and make it more docile?
Just wondering if anyone has any info or has heard of anything like this.
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Have you ever heard of this being done to dogs?
Maybe the information I got is wrong. I sure hope so.
But, I am not sure. It is/would be hard to see if it were on the backs of the main front paw pads.
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Anywhere horrible outdated methods are/were used. It almost cannot be seen in the backsides of the main pawpads of the front feet.
It might leave perfectly horizontal cuts. (what dog gets a neat, tidy, horizontal cut behind the pad--not on the plantar surface,when walking randomly, even on a piece of glass on a sidewalk.. and on both forefeet?)
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Patti, please tell me you didn't find something like this on Grimm.
I am trying to think of how it would work to accomplish that?

Because it is so far out of my imagination, I guess I am having trouble understanding-they wouldn't be able to walk or would be in pain so wouldn't want to move? I am not doubting that people would do this to a dog, just trying to figure it out.

And I am also hoping very hard that this is not something you found. I am signing off soon, but please take care.
One of my fosters did it to herself, tried to get out through the window, tore out the aluminum wheatherstripping of the window (it was all around the room) and cut herself on the aluminum on the back of the pawpads. It happened in 15 minutes. This is the only time I saw it.
What kind of kennel was he in? Could it have been an injury from pawing on the kennel door?
No, I have never heard of this.
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Patti, tell me this is just something you heard, not something that was done to Grimm.

I have heard on some thing similar in the horse world. The trainer, farrier or owner would intentionally sore up the front feet of "Gaiting Horses" to get the to pick up their front feet faster and transfer some of the body weight to the hind quarters.

I am with everyone else. This is very upsetting, and I do hope this has nothing to do with Grimm.
Please let us know.{{hugs}}
I just feel so sick right now. Grimm also has a swollen lump with a partially healed owie on the handler's side of his muzzle. He also is strangely sluggish, just barely chugging too slow (almost behind me) on walks, and non-reactive to me manipulating all of his owies, and he just sleeps and sleeps. DH, Ulrich, wonders if he may have been drugged to seem docile for a few days. Or, in all honesty, he may have just been exhausted from not getting much sleep for 4 weeks. We did go to the vet. We did take pics. The vet doesn't want to commit herself to saying for sure what (may have)caused the muzzle wound and mysterious behind-the-paw-pads wounds. But, I could read her face about what she thought. And yes, it could well be the edge of the kennel flooring, or a fence (Europe has cement fences with imbedded glass, razorwire tops, etc.. but who would have such around dogs turned out 10 hours a day?). Grimm is not at all handshy now, but then, he has a solid temperament... is a trusting boy. He trusted me.

I just feel sick. Sick, sick, sick.
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This sounds horrible. Good luck to you and Grimm. Hope all turns out well for you all. We are thinking about you.
Me either!

And please is Grimm okay????
Oh Patti I am so so sorry and upset right along with you and Ulrich. Part of his tiredness could be lack of sleep. Injuries can happen in kennels, just a possibility.

Since Grimm has nice nerve he will bounce back from this.

I'm so sorry to hear this.
Have you talked to the trainer about how this could have happened?
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Thanks for the well-wishes. Val, yes, Grimm has super nerves, and these could be kennel injuries... could be. There is more I don't feel comfortable saying here. Just that I just want my Grimm to never be hurt.

This morning, a dog suddenly exploded out of our building at us this morning as we came up the walkway towards home. Grimm exploded back, yanking me nearly off my feet. Then, in the middle of town, Grimm exploded at a dog he saw, again nearly sending me flying. The trainer said he may work with us a few times in our neighborhood, but, this rests with us from now on. I am hoping Grimm just needs more time to appreciate my new queen-of-the-walk attitude. Clearly, not enough work was done by the trainer on erradicating this longstanding habit of onlead lunging/barking. I have misgivings about the way Grimm was treated. I am trying all I know to love, spoil, and be kind to my SnugglePig right now.. while remaining queen of the walks. Grimm's safety is my priority. I need to be safe, too.. and apparently, the training was not what I hoped.

I am putting iodine salve on his wounds. My sweet boy.
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