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Broken Toe Nail

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Ever broken your nail all the up to the quick? Hurts, right?
Shane did this last night! We noticed him limping around, so we started checking out his paw. My mom thought maybe he got a piece of glass in there earlier, when she broke a cup and Shane came jumping in to investigate!
So I am looking, prodding, bending, wiggling, tickling,....nothing. He thinks he is getting a massage....go figure.....

So I start touching his toe nails, one by one...I get to the next to last one, and he flinched his paw away with a yelp. I found the problem. I take a closer look, and see that he broke his toe nail all the up to the quick and it is a nasty cut, because the nail is very jagged.

I also notice there is I think, "gotta clean this up before he get's an infection." He was not happy, especially after I told him to "stay" ...he gave me that ...."why are you punishing me" look!
And the whole time I am trying to explain TO HIM that I have to clean it (like a mother explaining a child!).

So to help ease his pain, I placed a bandage on it thinking it help him walk in the mean time and keep the dirt out. Shane had other ideas...I go sit down on the couch, he takes one look at his wrapped paw, and one look at me, gets up, and places his bandaged paw in my lap and looks at me as to say "please don't make me wear this." Seeing I put him through so much agony and knowing that Shane just eat the bandaged in the middle of the night, I took it off.

I called the vet up next morning, told me it should heal in couple of days and the bandage was not necessary, since he knows Shane will just try to take if off! In the mean time, Shane is milking this for all it's worth!LOL ...he is getting coddled like never before, and with his injuries he gets a couple of days without much training. Yup...he is loving it lol!
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Hopefully his nail will heal quickly. Of course he is gonna milk it for all it's worth, wouldnt you? LOL
Hang in there !
This winter I thought Davit cut her paw on the ice, came in from the outside, blood all over the floor. Could not find a cut, so I put a couple of inches of cold water in the bath tub, got her in there. The cold water helped stopped the bleeding and I found what I thought was a broken nail. Not a problem, until a couple days later the bleeding started again and holding her paw up. Took her to the vets. The nail had pulled away from the nail bed....ouch. The vet clipped it back, just recommended watching it. If it gave her any more problems he could put her under and remove the nail. Luckily it healed with no problem.
The cold water in the tub worked great,helped to stop the bleeding, got the nail area cleaned up...... only problem is now when any one draws a bath, Davit is ready to jump in !!!
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Milking it, I like boy Hartwin busted one of his nails a while back. Came home from work one day and he was limping around, looked at his foot and his nail was sliced in half sticking straight up. Looked extemely painful. I tried to cut it off myself and clean it but he didn't want anything to do with that. I had to take him to the vet, afterhours. I get there, 5 minutes later and a cool 90 bucks, Hart comes trottin out of the room like he just met his future wife. We went on our merry way, and it healed up quite nicely, but I know, like you said, he just wanted to the special sauce at the vet...boys...
We had the same thing happen with our Atlanta. We came out to her run to feed her and it looked as if someone had bled to death. We brought herinto the house and found that she had broken a nail. Cathy brought out a baby boodie and had wraped it up after cleaning it and then put a baby boodie on, believe it she left it on.
So it's been a few days and Shane is still limping. This morning he did not want to for his walk...I knew something was up. I took him straight to the vet office...sprained shoulder. Ugh, I feel so bad I didn't find out sooner. I thought it was just his nail because he only cried out when I touched it. He was letting me bend and wiggle and move his leg as much as I wanted to. He can't put pressure on it, which makes it difficult for him to pee because he still squat's. Ugh I feel so bad. I'm trying to keep him comfortable, but he doesn't want to sit still! Any one else every dealt with a sprained shoulder? How did you keep your dog relaxed? Poor baby, he is not happy he has to sit, stay in his bed. He is doing everything he can to get up!
Heidi broke hers way up at the top of the nail so that the whole nail had to be removed by the vet. The nail was at a 90 degree angle to where it should have been. Poor thing.

She had to have anesthetic and have it removed and they said that it may grow back and it may not. It has.

But it made me kind of queasy for a while.
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