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Even though your puppy will be up to date on his shots, he will not be fully immunized until he gets at least one more vet visit, and he will still be at risk for Parvo, at least that's what my breeder told me- not to let her on the floor at PetSmart, or anywhere else that a lot of other dogs hang out that may be unvaccced until she had that last set of puppy shots.
I had a long car ride, 5 hours, and Lucy threw up, and had every kind of accident you can imagine. It was her first time out and she was pretty scared I think. I stopped 30 minutes into the trip but it had already happened, and it continued several more times on the way home even though I kept stopping. What a mess. The breeder told me to expect this, and sent me home with a familiar towel.
So here's this scared puppy, who is meeting her family for the first time. We go in the house directly to the bathroom where she gets a bath. She must have wondered what the heck kind of home she went to! It was a rough start

She never has had another accident in the car since.
I wish I had been smart enough to ask the kind of questions you are asking BEFORE I went to pick her up!.

Best of luck, yes post pictures, and that's a lucky pupster going to live with such a considerate owner.
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