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It helps if the pup is used to car rides and a crate before the trip pups always are, but this isn't always the case with every breeder.

I brought a pup home years ago than included a 9 hour drive. It took maybe 1/2 an hour for the pup to settle and I remember stopping every 3 hours or so to walk him and give him water. No food until we got home. I brought a towel and extra towels for the crate, some wipes" to clean up any accidents if needed, and paper towels, but never needed any of it. Good to have tho'!

As far as where to stop, I would avoid rest areas. Try to get off an exit and maybe a gas station or eatery has a good patch of grass.

A good bone to chew on and some stuffed toys that the pup can cuddle with will help too!

I always start taking pups on car rides to training when they hit about 5-6 weeks old, and like clock work, at 2 hours they always scream for me to pull over!! By 8 weeks I can make the 3 hour ride with no stops.

Good luck!!!
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