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bring a dog over the boarders

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We are currently working out some details before bring anothe dog into our kennel but was wondering what is needed when bring a dog from Canada to the US as to paperwork and records of the said dog
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Is the dog being driven or flown? When we drove from the states to Alaska all we needed was their health certificates and proof of rabies. Flying should be the same.
Is the dog originally from the US and returning? Bringing pets back into the US is pretty simple. I've done it often from both Canada and Mexico. A rabies/vaccine certificate and rabies tag pretty much does it.

Or is the dog originating from outside the US with a change of ownership, like you bought it from a Canadian? That can make a big difference. The Feds are somewhat loose on this. Where you get into issues is the state that you drive into.
Well I just stuck a deal for a boy named Narys Policia. He is owned by a man in Canada and will be coming here to the US. I'm bring him back her with my truck so I do need to do my homework before going out there to get him.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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