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bright red bumps on snout??

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Bentley is a little over a year old, and he's got these red bumps around his nose? I'm verrry confused? I hate to say it but they almost look like cold sores? He likes to play in the creek behind the house so at first I thought it was poison ivy, but now that they've turned red I'm not so sure? Any ideas?
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can you get a picture of them? Shelby gets red bumps on her snout every now and then. Zena got them too. Shelby gets muzzled before she's put in the kennel otherwise she'll hurt herself trying to chew her way out. When our vet checked it out, she said it was probably due to ingrown hairs and if it got infected or got worse to bring her back in. if its causing concern have a vet check it out. Its very possible he just got into something that irritated his nose.
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