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Bo is at the Bibb County Rabies Impound (45 mins outside of Tuscaloosa). THIS IS NOT A SHELTER. IT IS JUST A HOLDING FACILITY WITH A SIGNIFICANT EUTHANASIA RATE (+90%). The Impound does not actively seek adoptions (the impound is located in the middle of the Bibb County Correctional Facility) and a majority of the animals are only moved out through rescuer networking.

This is Bo he was turned in by his owner. He is 3 years old loves to ride in back of truck owner said he just got where he protected him to much if he was in back of truck he would try to bite anyone messing with truck i thought thats what he was suppose to do anyways now boy is in the pound
The Pound is full! Please don't wait to get them to safety. SHARE this baby for Adopt/Rescue
Bibb County Pound, Centreville, Alabama (Tuscaloosa area)
EMAIL [email protected] or
CALL 205-340-1316
Don't delay. This facility euths for space. OPEN to the Public 1-5 Tues and Thurs
He will need an experienced owner and rescue. I will be happy to go down and get video of the dog and do a general evaluation if any rescue might be interested but hesitant based on the description.

I have a special place in my heart for the shepherds that end up at this hellhole as one of my mine is from there and I am quite familiar with the facility :( Unfortunately I am fostering a litter of GSD mix puppies at the moment.
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