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I am new here and I am looking for a German Shepherd breeder in and around Massachusetts. I am most interested in long coat sables! This is not a requirement for me though. The main things I am looking for in a dog is one who will love going for weekly long hikes (obviously only once they are able to when full grown) and otherwise satisfied by an hour or two long of a walk/jog a day, and provided mental stimulation. A good off switch is really important to me, as is having low to medium prey drive as I have cats. Drive for working and training should be medium to high though, I want a dog I can take to obedience classes of all levels. I am very interested in getting into showing dogs for obedience, and possibly sports such as agility or dock diving! I would also prefer a dog with a sound temperament, with the ability to not be distracted or upset by loud or strange noises or strange textures. I am potentially looking to train this dog as a service dog. Barking does not matter to me, I know dogs bark at things and I know how to get help from a trainer should I need to for excessive barking. I will also be looking into trainers for obedience and service dog training, and already have a few I am interested in contacting.

With that said, as far as the different lines go, I have heard they do not matter much but if it means anything to you I am most interested in both the West German lines and the DDR lines, but will definitely consider any breeder with a good reputation with what I am looking for. I would also prefer the breeder to be within a reasonably driving distance, say at most from 5-8 hours from me. I am in central Massachusetts. I am NOT looking for a dog to get immediately, I know that is very unlikely unless I go to BYBs, I am looking for a breeder to potentially get on the wait list in the next year, and to get a puppy in a year or two, maybe more if needed to wait that long. Health matters a lot to me, I like to see that the breeders go above and beyond with health testing with OFA and such, as well as having proven dogs with titles. It also helps me if the breeder is known for producing successful service dogs in the past. I like to see as much transparency as possible in the breeding program, such as the dogs pedigrees, titles, health testing, ect. This makes me feel more reassured in what I am getting.
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