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Breeder instructed me to give calcium....Confused

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Hi, I haven't been around for a while since Rudy died (splenic torsion). Well, I got a new guy, and I've had him for six weeks already and have been following what my breeder said " give him one or two calcium pills/ day to help the growth and hips". Now, when I got Rudy from her 5 years ago, I picked him up at 6 months of age. So she very well may have fed him these suppliments then as well, and I never had any hip or related problems with him. Because, I never went thru the new puppy phase, I took her at her word. I was aware of keeping protein in check but not aware of potential calcium problems. My guy is now 14 weeks old, is it too late? Did I do irreparable damage to him from the supplimentation? Please help!! the food that I fed Rudy was Timberwolf organics, my current puppy food is Eagle pack Holistic select.
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So by quiting the calcium ASAP, my guy should be alright?
If you are feeding a quality food there shouldn't be a need for calcium. You may do more harm by giving calcium than by not giving it.
Stop the calcium.
You've done no irreparable harm. But I would discontinue the calcium pills.
Too much calcium has been implicated in the formation of HD in genetically predisposed dogs.
And.... welcome back!!!! I remember Rudy and I am glad you have found another pup to love!
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