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By Cheryl Goede

There are dried nose prints all over the back door
and muddy paw prints all over the kitchen floor,

Dust motes dance and twirl in the rays of light,
as I struggle to clean up after them all and keep up the fight.

Oh look, I see the tufts of accumulated hair,
it’s on my sweater, the couch, and the chair.

I stumble around, trip on a toy, their leash, and a bowl,
and throw out my back trying to avoid falling over one of my furry souls.

You have to use caution when you enter my home, that's true,
for they will be ecstatic to see you and you'll get whacked with their "tails of doom."

Dried slobber is seen covering much of my clothes,
and I’m constantly sniffed and poked with a wet, cold nose.

As I let the dogs outside for the last time for the night,
cringing as the fuss made caused the neighbor turn on their light.

I rush them back in, never letting violations accrue,
for between others and I, I don't want trouble to brew.

These dogs are my family, and I love all that clutter,
although sometimes they make me act like a nutter.

But the reason I live like this is simple, and sent from above,
No human could never replace a bit of their love.

So to those wanting to target my breed, to give them a hit,
be prepared for a fight because BSL is nothing but SH!T! :D

There is no person alive who has ever been so true,
so this fight we will wage is to give them their due.

It’s not about targeting a specific breed, so let's lose that agenda,
it’s time to turn it around to a new referenda.

The one thing you must always keep to the forefront and need,
is to remember to punish the deed not the breed!

If you need more explanation, we think you’re nothing but a moaner,
because you target innocent breeds and not a dog’s BAD OWNER!

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