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We were in our vet's clinic today and we received a bad news.
I've wrote before Duncan has an EPI and a colonic ulcer.
Till the last week these diseases seemed be manageable .
But on tuesday he went wrong. We went to the vet, new bloodtest, steroide shot, ultrasonic exam.
Nothing new.
The last view pont of doctors is needing a bowel byopsy.
There's no explanation for sharp bad times, no explanation for very long times between two defecations (sometimes 24 hrs.)
We have to decide to monday what to do. By my view point he is too weak for a narcosis and a surgery.
By the vets he is not, and they have no more chanche for an exact diagnose without a byopsy.
I'm afraid of it. He is only 7 yrs old. I don't want to lose him, but the narcosis is risky, the surgery is risky too, but if we just
wait we kill him slowly.
We have five doggies, three gsd-s and two rescued mix, but Duncan is my favorite boy.
Of course we do everything for others too, but he is standing closest to my heart.
So I just wanted to tell it to You.

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Steve, I am sorry to hear this. I know it will not be an easy decision but we will be thinking about you and Duncan. Please keep us posted.
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