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Bosko In Tamaqua, PA

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Boski is one of 4 GSD that need rehoming due to a divorce.

First I want to say the dogs are cared for. None of the dogs look or feel under or over weight. They are fed Purina. 3 of them need a bath and good brushing. All dogs are PB, 3 of them are registered, one has puppy papers but was not sent in.

Bosko is a black coated male with white on his chest and under his tail. He was shaved because his fur was matted. Stormy dog #2 is his mother. He was born 6/9/03. He is the one who does not need the bath or brushing.

At the time Bosko was in an outside kennel. When I went up to him there was no barking only leaning against the kennel to get pets. I spent time in the yard with him and he was a baby. I was able to touch him all over. There was no reaction at all to tugging on his tail, looking in both ears, or touching any of his feet. I did this a number of times and it was always the same, He could have cared less. He also let me look in his mouth. I gave him treats Chris said take nice and he did. He did not like them so spit them out.

He does pull on a leash and is jumpy. When Chris told him to sit he sat. I was sitting on the ground with him and he did not jump at all only when if let out of the kennel. He has been around children but because of the jumping may not do well with smaller children.

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Great write ups and pictures..Thank you for taking the time!
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