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Hi everyone,

I recently bought myself a very amazing young shepherd dog.
He has been pretty darn perfect for a puppy, his OB is top notch(for the amount I have taught him and what I want him to know), he LOVES to learn, he has a very strong personality and great drives for his age. I could go on more about how magnificent he is but I will leave it at this....he is awesome.
(he is 4 months old)

I am starting to get a bit concerned though.
I think I bore him.
If I am going to give him a treat or ask him to do a command, he will eagerly do it. But after we are finished, he will stare at me....allot. Its like he wants me to do something or keep going with the commands. I do not want to do too much OB with him too fast as I would like to persue ScH with him at a club level.

Also, when we are just relaxing in the house he will come up to me, look into my eyes and cry. I think "oh hey he needs to potty" but when we get to the door he will just sit and look up at me as if to say "no silly human thats not what I want....geez". I will walk away....he will follow me......staring and crying.

Most of the time he will eagerly play....he loves to chase and "kill" prey items, (such as his favorite Loofa dog) but as soon as the fight is over he looses interest and is bored again.
When he is in one of his moods and I try to initiate play, he will just sit and look at me as if I am one very very silly human.

I find the ONLY thing that entertains him when he is like this is OB. This is great and everything but I was told by many people not to do allot of OB with a young ScH pup.

I am certain we will both be WAY happier once it warms up a bit. He is never outdoors for too long, usually just long enough to pee and poo in the back yard. I take him with me every once in a while when I excersise Eva, but I dont like to as it is just too much exercise, its too cold....and Eva enjoys one on one ball throwing time with her mom.

I am hoping it warms up soon so I can just throw on our coats and take him for a walk when he is bored. The weather is very very cold up here right now though.

I do take him with me whenever I go uptown to get the mail, go to the store.....etc. But we are never gone very long and hardly ever outside.

He was at the vets a few days ago.....he has no issues that were found in his exam. His poop is nice and firm....he is not vomiting or sick in anyway.

He gets a variety of bones, treats, chews and toys.....I think he is bored of them too (though he still gets a kick out of an empty pop bottle)

Does anyone do any neat little bonding activities?
Or know of something that will help with his boredom?
What do you do with your dogs on cold/rainy days that you cant go outside on?

Thank you everyone.
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