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Quote: I am certain we will both be WAY happier once it warms up a bit. He is never outdoors for too long, usually just long enough to pee and poo in the back yard. I take him with me every once in a while when I excersise Eva, but I dont like to as it is just too much exercise, its too cold....and Eva enjoys one on one ball throwing time with her mom.
My pups would be very bored at that age and you are lucky, your boy seems to at least come to you for something to do. My pups would have just started molesting the other dogs/cats or destroying the house.

I would ALSO not want to do more 'obedience', BUT there are tons of fun tricks you can teach with a clicker/food instead. ANd the bonding we get with our dogs from 'tricks' is amazing.

Additionally, by 12 months, unless it was REALLY super cold (I'm talking wind chill way below zero) my dogs are always fine if I take them outdoors for hours long runs in the woods. Truth is the cold seems to bother me alot more. At home, if I put them out they pee/poo and want in but not cause of the temperature, it's cause they like to keep an eye on me. When I pack them in the car and go for our hikes, they can go forever. It's my hands/ears that want to go home!

All my dogs will go into the water when it's so cold they end up with icicles dangling from their fur when they exit. So I know it's cold and they don't care.

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