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Bones in raw salmon ok?

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I've been mixing some canned salmon in with my dogs' kibble, but my M-I-L tells me I need to pick the vertibrae out or they could choke. True?

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I don't pick out them out and never had a problem.
no. the bones in canned fish are entirely edible.
Just to clarify ...

Canned fish is COOKED - not raw.

But the bones are still ok for the dogs.
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I love to eat the bones in the canned salmon. I imagine they are fine for the dogs!

When I was a kid my mom made a lot of salmon patties and she geve me the bones when she was mixing. I am thinking that sounds pretty strange now! But when your a kid, what do ya know?
I used to make a mean salmon quiche out of canned salmon. Never once picked out the bones. Used to get compliments all the time. My friends never realized they were chomping on bone too!
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