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Bonding to "Brooklyn"

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My wife is outgoing, charismatic, speaks 1000 words a minute, and uses her hands with the 1000 words a minute person in my family. Me - inward, you have to ask me 10 questions to get one answer type of person.

With that said, our animals just love her. What can i do to insure a good, healthy bond between me and my new pup?

Falling in love with my "Brooklyn" Babe from Gatorland K9
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All puppies are attracted to high-pitched voices and animated movements. But my guess is your personality will be a good fit with a reserved, aloof, intelligent GSD which she will likely mature to.

The healthiest bond you can build is for your pup to see you as a calm, confident, consistent leader.

You can be the one to feed the pup--the one in charge of the food is the leader.

You can be the one to be in charge of the pup's training. Spend some time every day teaching new things, and rewarding for good behavior. Be consistent with commands. Say things once. Then wait for her to respond. When she does, praise BIG TIME!

(Don't exclude your wife from these things, of course--but one of you will likely take the lead in these things--and that can be you.)

Also, don't ever hit the pup, or punish her with unnecessary force. That's a quick way to hurt the bond you're trying to build. Much better to catch her doing something good and praising her for it.

Belly scratches help too.
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Just one thing to add to Tracy's post: When making her food, use your hands to mix it all up instead of a utensil. This will put your scent on her food, which she will then associate you getting fed. It shows Brooklyn that you control the eating times, so she will be more adapt to seeing you as a leader.
My husband is like you and I am the talker. The dogs follow me everywhere but when the chips are down they both want him. My dogs adore my husband but in the same quiet way he loves them.

All walks, food, treats and training come from me so it is natural they are alwys with me. I feel more like their maid and he is their love.
That is a great idea. I also add water to her food. What do you think about that?
I always add some warm water to my dogs food. I like it to still have crunch to it but at least to swell a tad. Several of my dogs are inhalers, (my rescue's are all this way- Vita I have had since a pup and she is not) but I have always done this per advice of the breeder and my vet. I also a tablespoon of canned food- I use either Canidae, Wellness, and as of recent, the 95 beef and chicken (another rescue member told me about this) and even my most finicky eater will eat this up every time.
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