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Bolivar, MO "Bugsy" Senior GSD listing removed

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This is the Shelter's description of this starving senior:
Bolivar, MO Senior GSD (canines were filed down & starved) Needs Rescue:

"Marion, the Shelter Manager is begging for help with this senior fellow. He was in terrible shape when they found him. Someone filed down his teeth, starved him and basically gave him a horrible life. However, Bugsy still loves people a great deal. He is so very sweet, loves to play fetch and is an all around wonderful boy. The shelter is full and they really need some help. Since Bugsy has arthritis, it is important he goes to a place where he has an indoor soft bed at his disposal all day."

Please contact Marion at [email protected] ( or call her cell 417-298-7815 if you can help.


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oh poor guy. Wish i could. Probably would if we were closer.
Filed down his teeth? Starved him? How horrible..........people are the worst form of life on the planet - some of them anyway. Hope there is a nice home for poor Bugsy - he deserves another chance, look at that sweet face.....:(

Anja SchH3 GSD
Conor GSD
Blue BH WH T1 GSD - waiting at the Bridge :angel:
He was probably fenced somewhere and chewed on a metal fence, object; something and wore down his teeth. And whoever probably owned him didn't feed him well; along w/ probable worms ...
Poor boy.

Bugsy Senior GSD Male still needs help . . .
Bugsy Senior GSD Male still listed.
Bump for Bugsy!!
Any updates? I could help with transport or pull....he's so sweet looking, poor guy!!
Anyone familiar with this shelter as far as temperment testing?
Please contact Marion

Please contact Marion at [email protected] ( or call her cell 417-298-7815, the Shelter Manager. She may be able to give you more information about temperment testing, etc. Bugsy is still listed.:help:
Does anyone have an update on sweet Bugsy? His listing says "a dog on hold..."
If he was "on hold" perhaps he was adopted - hope so, anyway...

Anja SchH3 GSD
Conor GSD
Blue BH WH T1 GSD - waiting at the Bridge :angel:
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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