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Boating, swimming dogs

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One of your members contacted me, and suggested I mention my website on your forum. If you have a dog that boats, as I do, its tough
getting them back in the boat. I've invented Load-a-pup, and it is the best thing for swimming dogs since the Life vest. Please take a look.
Happy Boating
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They are now on sale for $99 and we are thinking of getting one. We have a hard time getting the dogs in and out of the boat on the regular ladder pictured below and think this is a great idea! I wish the site did a better job showing the HD model as that would be the one we would need. . .

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We got the HD model in and it didn't fit the rear end of the boat. So the company picked up the HD model and delivered the other model for free.

I am thrilled to report that the original model works great! The dogs could get in and out of the boat without issue and you could tell they enjoyed being able to do that. I no longer have to worry about Penny breaking her leg or getting tangled in those old stairs- it's just great!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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